Pros and Cons of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
October 20, 2018

The use of eco-friendly cleaning products is a choice that most of the clients seeking for a cleaning service will prefer the use of products that will not harm the environment in any way. The products in this category are biodegradable and also safe for the person providing professional cleaning services. We shall consider the pros and cons of using eco-friendly cleaning products to help you in making the right choice:


  • Eco-friendly cleaning products contain natural ingredients like lactic acid, certain enzymes, and citric acid. A person who is doing the cleaning will not suffer from any harm even if he touches the products with bare hands. They will not cause any harm to children or animals if they accidentally come into contact with them.
  • Biodegradable: Eco-friendly cleaning products will not cause any harm to the environment and even when they get into contact with soil or water, they will not leave too much trace. If products that contain chemicals are used, they will emit fumes that will be harmful if inhaled and one has to use protective gears when using them.
  • Less irritation: Unlike cleaning products that contain chemicals which cause irritations to the skin and may also cause damage to the respiratory system, eco-friendly cleaning products will not lead to any allergic reactions. They will make the cleaning more enjoyable since the smell that will be emitted is pleasant and will not do any harm.


  • Cost: Eco-friendly cleaning products are very expensive compared to the cost of the products that contain chemicals. Most of the customer who needs a cleaning service will not be willing to spend more simply because an eco-friendly product is being used. As a result, most people will stick to the chemical ingredients regardless of the risk involved in their use.
  • Less Effective in the cleaning: The user of eco-friendly products may be safer but the cleaning power is less. One will be forced to use more force when cleaning and the outcome will not be as good as when a chemical-based product was used. Some of the stains will be too strong for the eco-friendly products and this may make the client think of you as incompetent.

If you must use eco-friendly products, you should select with care as there are some manufacturers that will brand their products as eco-friendly while they are not. If you are not sure of the right product, you can check out the reviews from customers who have been using such products. Buy the one that has the most positive reviews.

The use of natural products may seem ineffective at first especially when you were so used to the fast action of chemical-based products but when you get used to it, you will notice great results as well. You will be safer and it will not be impossible to provide cleaning services even in an environment that has children and animals. However, if you are in a hurry and you want immediate results, chemical-based cleaning products are the best for your cleaning service.