Ways of Making Your cleaning Employees Achieve More
November 8, 2018

The success of any cleaning service enterprise mainly depends on how effective the employees on the ground are. You may have all the managerial tactics in place but if the people you have entrusted with the responsibility of cleaning are not good at their job, the entire team will be branded as incompetent.

Below are some of the means you can put in place to ensure that the cleaning staffs are more effective in their services to the clients:

  • Get to know how each employee will learn best: Different people will grasp what is taught differently. There are those who will learn if they are given a manual about the task they will be performing. There are others who will need to have the instructions explained verbally and there are those who wish to be shown practically how the process goes. Train each individual according to what works best for him.
  • Be a role model: At times, you can go with the client and show them what you expect them to achieve. Your employees will only work according to how well you show your determination in the provision of professional cleaning service. If you are a person who wants to take shortcuts, your cleaning staff will take after you and you will end up losing your clients.
  • Organize occasional training: If there is new cleaning equipment that will be used in the cleaning, or you feel the need to enhance the knowledge of your employees, organizing a training workshop will be a great idea. This will ensure that your employees are well equipped to handle any challenge that may arise in the course of their job.
  • The employees are the people who are in direct interaction with the clients and they understand what they need and how well they can become more productive. They should be given a chance to air their concerns and their opinions on the areas that should be improved. Do not just be a person who dictates what should be done as this may not be what your employees need.

It is also important to let the clients get a regular employee to provide cleaning services. The employee will know how the client needs the cleaning to be carried out. This means that he will be more efficient and will also be able to carry out the cleaning faster. The only time you should change the employee is when the client suggests it or when the employee is engaged elsewhere.

You should make it a habit to ask your employees what can be done to make them more efficient and ensure that you implement the suggestions where necessary. An employee who knows that his opinion counts will be willing to give his all since he is made to feel important and wanted.

Whenever you are in need of a person to take up a higher position, you should source from among the current cleaning staff. This will give them the motivation to work harder so that they can be considered whenever a higher position arises. They will know that you do not just see them as cleaners but as important people who are capable of taking care of bigger responsibilities.